13th July 2009

We've been having some serious server issues, and as a result the site has been down for a week or so, apologies for that.

This is just a quick update, mostly a thank you to everyone who's turned up to watch our shows over the years. To those who don't know, Techriders had their final display last month. It's been great but with all the other commitments we have we've felt that we just don't have enough time to do all the displays, so thought we'd stop while we're ahead

That's not to say Techriders is done, however. We're all still riding regularly, and are in talks about passing on the torch so we can still keep the demos going. Watch this space for more details, hopefully to follow soon.

Oh, and there WILL be some photos uploaded soon. I promise!

18th January 2009

Belated New Year greetings to one and all - I hope you all had a great Christmas and a not-too-messy Ney Year! Thigns are much the same in the Techriders camp, with New Year's resolutions mostly revolving around riding more, eating more healthily and the usual others!

We will shortly be taking bookings for the summer season again, although we've not quite got through the detoxes and other stuff to organise ourselves properyl; we'll update you with dates of the summer season for those of you interested in booking us. In the meantime we'll be out riding and practicing, and hopefulyl will get some new photos and with any luck a video for you all to enjoy.

Have a great January, and hopefully a much warmer February!!

27th November 2008

Last minute update: Tomorrow (November 28th) is the Southdown Christmas 'Lights-up'. Techriders are putting on a show for it, so make sure you get yourself down there, it'll be our last show of the year! Lights are to be switched on at 6pm, and the first of Techriders displays will follow immediately afterwards. Please come down and support us, it's bound to be cold so come and give the riders your support - they can't ride in a scarf and big coat!

17th October 2008

A quick team update - one of our riders is entering a competition this weekend! Ben and his girlfriend Katy are both going to be entering the TykeTrial event at Harden Moor, Keighly nr Skipton this Sunday 19th October from 11am. Ben is entering the Blue (intermediate) route, and hoping to place very highly (which no doubt he will!). Katy will be enterting the White (beginner) route which she's also likely to do very well in.

For more details have a look over at :; obviously Skipton is a fair way away but if anyone feels like heading over to cheer them on then it would be much appreciated! We'll have more details and their placing along wiht some photos next week.

Random Fact of the Day: Skipton is round the corner where brake kings Hope are based!

23rd June 2008

There are a couple of photos of the new rig up; none of the demo from the weekend as yet; I wasn't there for it but I'm told it went well, lots of people turned out to watch despite the weather. Hopefully photos of that to come, in the meantime enjoy these of the rig (more to come very soon)

The New Rig

The New Rig

Don't forget that there are two more displays this weekend! Details to follow tomorrow...

21st June 2008

News Image - 2008-06-21

For those of you who don't know, Stephen Murray is a UK BMXer, former X-Games gold medallist who tragically broke his neck last June in competition. Although now paralysed from the neck down, Stephen still remains incredibly strong and positive in spite of his injuries, and is determined to recover. He has become an inspiration to thousands of people around the world, and the BMX community has united to support him.

A good friend and fellow rider, TJ Lavin, is releasing a song today dedicating to Stephen Murray, entitled "Soldier". This video for this will be broadcast live today, in the same arena where Stephen's crash happened nearly a year ago today. You can watch the video here (you need to have Quicktime installed to watch it). Also, head over to for more information about Stephen and his road to recovery.

Stay Strong Stephen Murray.

19th June 2008

Well, once again it's been far, far too long between updates, I could rattle out excuses for it but at the end of the day it didn't happen, so here's an attempt to make up for that. First things first : DISPLAYS! This weekend (21st June) Techriders will be at Kensworth School Fete, I don't have details to hand but will post them up as soon as they come through.

For those that don't know we have built a complete new rig for the displays this year; photos will follow tonight hopefully. This rig is a much more sturdy option than we were using before, and gives the riders a lot more scope to do 'stuff' with - in other words, it makes for a much better show!!! Further display dates will be available on the displays page tonight or tomorrow, when I've had got all the dates to hand.

6th February 2008

News Image - 2008-02-06

So much for new year's resolutions - hasn't quite worked out with updating the site!

First things first, we hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. Baz has recently returned from Australia, looking tanned and pleased to be back in the English weather... Simon and James remain out there, traveling for a bit longer. On that note, if you're trying to get hold of us to book a display, please use the following numbers, NOT the ones on the flyers, as Simon's in Australia!

We've started taking bookings for the new year, so if you are interested contact us now, or call Derek on 07860195345, or Paul on 07930463731. The diary is starting to fill up! Keep an eye out here for more updates, and some video news soon.